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If you have been slowly accumulating a few sports-related injuries recently, you might want to stop in to Rayleigh Sports today to manage them. Our friendly team of therapists, doctors, and consultants will ensure that you get back to where you should belong – on the pitch or the playground. Our in-house team of masseurs knows how to treat inflamed joints, ligaments and connecting tissues. The mark of the best sports massage therapists is the knowledge to know exactly where to massage, as well as the correct level of pressure and the appropriate duration. To book an appointment, contact us via the form below.

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With a few other sports massage therapists in the city, why should you choose us? The simple answer is that we always keep our clients' interests as our top priority. We know each sports injury requires a different kind of massage, and our masseurs are proficient in physiotherapy and deep tissue massage. We don't only manage sports injuries – we can also consult on other issues to help people discover ways to prevent health problems in the future.

Our Services and Customer Reviews

We provide deep tissue massage to our patients. This kind of massage is the most beneficial when it comes to injury recovery. It also aids in the restoration of normal motion and flexibility of muscles and soft tissues. In a deep tissue massage, the masseur reaches tendons and other underlying tissues and increases the blood flow to these areas. In the process, metabolic waste products are filtered out from the affected areas. Many customers have commended us on our services, specifically noting the fact that we're able to relieve them of discomfort and pain related to their injuries.


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